Advocating for You: Euclid – A Priority for ACAR

Over the last few weeks, ACAR and its Government Affairs Department has continued to its efforts of educating council members about barriers to homeownership, such as point of sale inspections.

On March 14, 2018, more than a dozen ACAR members attended Euclid’s Housing & Building Standards Committee meeting, as changes to the City’s Point of Sale (POS) and Rental Registration ordinances was up for discussion. Law Director Kelley Sweeney reviewed several proposed changes to the current POS policy. The changes are recommended because of the City of Oakwood case in the Southern District Court of Ohio. If accepted, the interior aspect of the POS would be essentially optional; the time to make repairs would increase to 180 days; and other language regarding types of repairs would be cleaned up. The City would be able to request a warrant in cases entry is refused for the interior inspection, if it is clear from the exterior a health and safety issue exists. Sweeney noted that entry can be refused now.

Reflecting on the evening, CABOR Past President John Lynch said, “The meeting with the Euclid Housing Committee was very positive and eye opening… [the committee] is questioning the need for the POS inspection and possibly adjusting their fee, which is among the highest in Northeast Ohio.”

Chair Laura Gorshe invited guests to share comments on the Point of Sale inspection policy. Several ACAR members including Tim Baur, Melissa Horvath, Chris Kilbane, and John Lynch shared concerns. ACAR’s Vice President of Government Affairs reviewed the association’s opposition to POS policies in general, reviewed our countywide study on the impact of POS, and offered to help coordinate a focus group or work session of area REALTORs to review what might work in the City.

ACAR Director Tim Damiano said, “It was absolutely amazing to see how many dedicated REALTORs came out in support to the Euclid Housing meeting. Hearing their stories one after another leads me to believe that it is only a matter of time before a much-needed change is made to the POS requirement.”

Moving forward, ACAR will continue talks with the Housing & Building Standards Committee, as the City looks to improve its real estate market.

For more information about Euclid, visit If you are interested in joining the Legislative Committee or serving as a Community Watchdog, please contact our Government Affairs Department.


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