Advocating for You: Garfield Heights Halts Interior POS

Recently, several members of ACAR’s Legislative Committee, along with ACAR’s Vice President of Government Affairs, attended the Garfield Heights City Council meeting.

The Council agenda included Resolution No. 05-2018 Amended, which addressed the City’s policy on interior point of sale (POS) inspections. The resolution would place a temporary moratorium on the requirement to complete an interior POS inspection on any dwelling or building sold, transferred, or conveyed in the City. The amendment would allow for voluntary interior inspections, if requested.

Jamie McMillen shared ACAR’s position on city inspections, and thanked Mayor Vic Collova and Council for being proactive on the issue over the last several years.

The resolution passed unanimously. However, Mayor Collova indicated that his administration will look at the fee structure, especially if only an exterior inspection is taking place.

Reflecting on the meeting, John Lynch said, “The legislation introduced by Mayor Vic Collova and passed unanimously by the full council is a positive move for buyers and sellers of real estate. Since the City took its original action on the moratorium on point of sale escrows, sales in Garfield Heights have soared. It is great to see enlightened city leadership!”

Following the meeting, the ACAR representatives had a chance to speak with Mayor Collova who thanked us for the support and said, “Now sell more real estate in Garfield Heights.”

If you are interested in joining the Legislative Committee or serving as a Community Watchdog, please contact our Government Affairs Department.


One response to “Advocating for You: Garfield Heights Halts Interior POS

  1. Dwayne Helkowski says:

    This ordance was intended to keep the housing stock up to par. Well here is a great example of how it brought down a community. It’s about time thinks are changing for the better.

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