ACAR Invites REALTORS® to Weigh-In on Akron’s Neighborhood Business Districts

The City of Akron is conducting a consumer survey to gauge baseline consumer knowledge and interest in the ten neighborhood business districts included in the Great Streets Akron initiative. REALTORS have valuable insight on the neighborhoods in which we live and work and are uniquely qualified to provide a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment toward each district.


The information collected is intended to help inform business owners and community leaders to make better decisions about the direction of each district.

About Great Streets Akron

This past February, Akron mayor Dan Horrigan announced the launch of the Great Streets Akron initiative which will take place under a newly restructured Office of Integrated Development. The goals are to increase business development, increase public engagement to determine transportation needs, improve aesthetics, ensure safer and more secure neighborhoods and improve public health.

The initiative aims to accomplish these goals by targeting resources in support of commercial and social revitalization of each corridor and activating the street as a public space.

The city initially will concentrate planning and economic resources on these 10 districts:

  • West Hill (W. Market St from Rhodes Ave to Goodwin Ave)
  • North Hill (Temple Square, N. Main Street and Cuyahoga Falls Ave)
  • Copley Road East (Sunset View Dr to East Ave)
  • Maple Valley (Copley Rd from I-77 to Roslyn Ave)
  • Middlebury (Intersections of E. Market St, E. Exchange St, and Arlington St)
  • Ellet (Canton Road, from Wedgewood Ave to Triplett Blvd)
  • Firestone Park (Aster Ave, from Lindenwood Ave to Palm Ave)
  • Wallhaven (Intersections of W. Market St, W. Exchange St, and Hawkins Ave)
  • Kenmore (Kenmore Blvd from 17th St SW to 11th St SW)
  • Goodyear Heights (Goodyear Blvd from Newton St to Honodle Ave)

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