Two Housing Markets in Cuyahoga County?

Recently, Frank Ford, Senior Policy Advisor for the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, shared a new report that may be of interest to the membership of ACAR. The report, “Housing Market Recovery in Cuyahoga County: Race and Geography Still Matter,” takes a look at Cuyahoga County post-foreclosure crisis.

Ford says, “The study includes a number of housing indicators and topics:  mortgage delinquency and foreclosure, tax delinquency and foreclosure, housing abandonment, median home sale price and mortgage lending for both home purchase and home repair.  Data is provided for every Cleveland neighborhood, every Cuyahoga suburb and five regions of the county.

“The major finding of the study is the extent to which there are now two Cuyahoga housing markets: one that has recovered from the foreclosure crisis (in majority white communities) and one that is struggling to recover (in majority African American communities).

“There are positive findings as well;  for example, although tax delinquency has been increasing over the past decade, the study documents how the county Treasury has worked in partnership with housing advocates and the County Prosecutor to adopt many new policies and procedures to increase property tax collection.”

The full study is available here.


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