ACAR has received a reliable report from an area attorney regarding suspicious information by an area man identifying himself as David Hostetler.  The man, known as David Hostetler, provided false information to two area REALTORS about purchasing a property.  The man alleges he has cash funds in a trust and provided the name and phone number of a local attorney for contact.  This information is false.  Hostetler has a long criminal history of scamming and squatting situations—requiring formal eviction to get him out.

The Summit County Prosecutor’s office has been advised of these incidents and are investigating.

Please follow proper practices by not allowing access to property prior to title transfer.

NOTE:  When REALTORS face crimes or possible crimes occurring in connection with a real estate transaction, the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS advises the following:

  1. Report the incident to the proper authorities immediately.
  2. Send a summary of the incident to the ACAR office at or to Make sure the summary contains as many details as possible.
  3. Include the name and address of who the authorities should contact if they need further information.

In those instances where ACAR receives enough information (and has not been advised by local police authorities not to) an Alert will be issued to our members.



One response to “FRAUD ALERT

  1. Curt Kubek says:

    ***I had the unfortunate opportunity with David Hostetler back in 1997.
    So hard to believe he is still at it—he should be in jail..
    Curt Kubek

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