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Our Staff

Sandy Naragon, RCE

Sandy Naragon, RCE, AHWD, C2eX

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (216) 525-4841 | Email

Roz Campbell

Roz Campbell, AHWD

Sales and Marketing Representative

Phone: (216) 525-9172 | Email

Contact for: Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities, Realtor Essentials Store, Office Liaisons and the Member Services and Affiliates Committee

Donna Dopslaf

Donna Dopslaf, AHWD

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (216) 236-5652 | Email

Jamie McMillen

Jamie McMillen, AHWD, C2eX

Vice President of Government Affairs

Phone: (216) 525-4834 | Email

Contact for: Government Affairs, RPAC, Commercial Committee, Media Relations

Megha Patel

Megha Patel

Political Affairs Specialist

Phone: (216) 525-9695 | Email

Contact for: Legislative Committee, RPAC Trustees & Community Watchdog Program

Jane Shubert

Jane Shubert, AHWD

Member Services Administrator, REALTOR® Essentials Store Manager

Phone: (216) 525-4837 | Email

Contact for: Membership changes, Supra, the REALTOR® Essentials Store, Community Outreach & Charity Committee

Mike Valerino, RCE

Mike Valerino, CAE, RCE, AHWD

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: (216) 525-4830 | Email

Therese Covell

Therese Covell, AHWD

Professional Standards/Development Director

Phone: (216) 525-4840 | Email

Contact for: Continuing Education, Professional Standards: Ethics, Grievance, Arbitration and Mediation

Beth Klaes

Beth Klaes, AHWD


Phone: (330) 940-1500 | Email

Contact for: Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Kelli Moss

Kelli Moss, AHWD

Communications Director

Phone: (216) 525-4847 | Email

Contact for: Communications Committee, YPN, media, social media & website inquiries

Diane Plescia

Diane Plescia, AHWD


Phone: (330) 434-6677 ext. 130 | Email

Contact for: General questions, Supra

Sherry Waples

Sherry Waples, AHWD

Member Services Director

Phone: (330) 940-1503 | Email

Contact for: Member Applications, Dues Payments