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CABOR Says Market Becoming Competitive for Buyers

More home buyers are finding they are losing their power position in the real estate market and that when they submit an offer for a home, they may not be alone in the bidding. In

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CABOR Says Mortgage Interest Deduction Vital to American Dream

In an effort to find sources of revenue to avoid the looming “fiscal cliff,” Congress and the White House are deep in debate over limits on a broad array of deductions for taxpayers. One of

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Tell Congress: Do No Harm to Housing

The REALTOR® Party needs your urgent help to protect the stability of the American housing market and the American economy. By now you have seen numerous news reports concerning the “Fiscal Cliff.”

Many of these reports

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CABOR Shares 8 Trees You Should Never Plant in Your Yard

Cool weather is the best time to plant trees–low temps ease the stress on young trees and give them time to root in before the onset of growing season. But beware! You do not want

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New Residential Property Disclosure Form

Based on input from real estate professionals and the public, the Ohio Division of Real Estate has reformatted the Residential Property Disclosure Form to make it easier to read with more consumer-friendly language and better grouping

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