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2016 Consumer Ad Campaign

ACAR is very excited to launch our 2016 Consumer Advertising Campaign! We know that educating northeast Ohio consumers about the importance of using a REALTOR® and advancing the REALTOR® brand is a core component of our mission. Our marketing

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OAR Testifies to Modernize Pre-Licensure Education in Ohio

Source: OAR

By Sara Calo, OAR President

The Ohio Association of REALTORS testified yesterday before the Ohio House of Representatives Commerce and Labor Committee in support of House Bill 532 – a measure designed to bring common

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Give Blood To Save A Life!

The Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS and is sponsoring a blood drive on Wednesday, June 15, 2016.  The blood drive will be held at ACAR Headquarters, 9100 South Hills Blvd. #150, Broadview Hts., OH  44147.

REALTORS throughout

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Lawn Aeration: Give Your Grass a Breath of Fresh Air

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Lawn aeration ensures lush, healthy grass year-round.
Lawn aeration brings oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to grass roots, which helps make your lawn green and lush. It’s a critical part of spring and

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How to Mulch

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Anyone can learn how to mulch and prolong the life of their landscaping. Here’s how.
Mulching your garden is like flossing your teeth -- preventative, tedious, and vital to health. Luckily, you don’t

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