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2015 RPAC Supported Candidates

Annually, the REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC) trustees spend days upon days fundraising, but the most important responsibility the trustees have is evaluating the many candidates in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties to determine whether or not they (the candidates)

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How to Clean Up Your Garden for Fall & Winter

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon
Tidy your garden for fall and winter before the first frost to keep it comely even after the growing ends.

Growing season is winding down, but your garden still needs your love. Spent

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Pumpkin Pulp Will Scare Your Disposal to Death

By: Dona DeZube
Put your pumpkin pulp into the trash to spare your disposal (and other plumbing pipes) a horrible death.

The pulp, seeds, and other guts you’re scraping out of pumpkins this week can kill your

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Fall Maintenance Checklist

By: John Riha

You’ll be ready for winter’s worst and head off expensive repairs when you complete this checklist of 10 essential fall maintenance tasks.

1. Stow the mower.

If you’re not familiar with fuel stabilizer, you should

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Who’s got your back when your credit report is wrong?

By: Sally Johnson, President of the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS®

With some credit report errors not getting fixed by either the credit reporting bureau or credit card companies, you have the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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