Are You Registered to Vote?

By Design Login posted 07-13-2015 12:00:00 AM


As a part of our strategic plan, the Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors® has launched a Voter Registration Initiative to help increase our participation and influence in the political process. In gathering data for our voter registration initiative, we learned some interesting information about our membership’s voting profile.

Did you know that of our nearly 5,000 members, 88% are registered to vote? This is very impressive considering the fact that only 80% of Realtors® across the Unite States are registered to vote. Unfortunately, this also means that 12% of our members are not registered to vote.  With so many races being determined by just a handful or fewer votes, it is increasingly important that everyone do their civic duty.  We also learned party affiliation rates and voting frequency.

Party affiliation chart

voting frequency chart

How can you help?

  • If you know that you ARE NOT REGISTERED, and would like to REGISTER TO VOTE, it has never been easier. Just go to and register. It’s that simple.Voter Initiative Logo
  • If you ARE REGISTERED to vote, congratulations! We would appreciate your help in keeping our files up to date by going to and confirming your registration. Often we have only a business address on file, which explains why we could not match some members to the state voter file.
  • Bookmark so you can use it to obtain an absentee ballot should you wish to vote early.

Don’t delay.  If you want to vote in the September Primary Election, you must be registered to vote by August 10th!

Any questions about this initiative? Contact ACAR’s Government Affairs Director, Jamie McMillen, at