Urgent ‘Call For Action’ Launched to Ohio REALTORS to Urge Senate to Pass Home Inspection Licensure

By Design Login posted 12-05-2018 12:00:00 AM


REALTOR-Party-166x120.gifOhio’s REALTOR community needs to make its voice heard and urge for passage of the industry’s top legislative priority – home inspector licensure!

It’s imperative that the 33 members of the Ohio Senate act on the measure – House Bill 211 — in the next week, prior to the General Assembly adjourning for the session. As such, Ohio REALTORS has launched a “Call For Action” asking for a YES vote.

HB 211 will bring much-needed oversight to one of the last remaining unregulated aspects of the home buying process – providing consumers with another layer of protection when making what is likely the largest financial transaction they will make in a lifetime. This legislation has the strong support of Ohio REALTORS, Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors, the Southern Chapter of ASHI, the North Central Chapter of ASHI, and many Ohio consumers.

Earlier this year, thousands of Ohio REALTORS responded to a Call For Action on HB 211 and were instrumental in helping is secure passage in the House. A similar response will be needed if this commonsense, consumer protection legislation is going to make it to Gov. Kaisch’s desk for enactment.

Please answer the “Call”!