Brook Park Eliminates Interior Inspections

By Design Login posted 01-29-2019 12:00:00 AM


advocacy-v5-166x120.jpgAt its January 22, 2019, meeting, Brook Park City Council passed 2 ordinances addressing the city’s inspection policies. Ordinance No. 11058-2019 amended Section 1323.03 of the City’s codified ordinances to limit point of sale inspections ‘only to dwelling areas that are in plain view.’

Ordinance No. 11059-2019 amended Brook Park’s ‘Residential Rental Housing Registration’ (Chapter 1414) to inspect the exterior of housing units, limiting the inspections to areas that are in plain view.’

The policy amendments come on the heels of various court rulings in the Northern and Southern Districts Courts declaring certain interior home inspections conducted by cities as unconstitutional. Exterior inspections for Point of Sale and rental registrations will continue in the city.

Special thank you to Mayor Michael Gammella, Chief Building Official/Building Commissioner Ted Hurst, and Council for their leadership and prompt attention to this matter.

Click here to view the Council minutes & ordinances.

Last year, Garfield Heights City Council made interior inspections tied to the point of sale voluntary, and Lakewood suspended the inspections altogether. ACAR will continue to encourage other cities to eliminate these burdensome, costly, and ineffective policies.