Update from Cleveland Water

By Jamie McMillen posted 10 days ago

ACAR's Government Affairs Department has received correspondence regarding delays with Cleveland Water due to delays with deed recording in Cuyahoga County.  Below are the questions submitted and answers received from Todd Albrecht, Credit & Collections Manager for Cleveland Water. 

Question: Since the Cuyahoga County Recorder's Office is backlogged, will the Cleveland Water Department accept a closing statement instead of waiting for the deed to be recorded?
  • Answer: Cleveland Water depends on the information recorded by the county recorder’s office to create and maintain accounts. Cleveland Water cannot change the manner in which accounts are created. The ordinance is below.
    • 535.15 New Applications for Water Service; Owner Liability; Deposits - (a)   Applications for the use of water shall be made and accepted in a manner prescribed by the Director of Public Utilities. All accounts for water service shall be established and maintained in the name of the record title owner of the premises served thereby. Any owner of real estate premises to which water is supplied shall be deemed primarily liable for all water and service charges for such premises, whether or not the premises is occupied by the owner, tenant or other persons, and whether or not the account has been established in the name of some other person or entity. In addition, any user and/or occupant of the premises where water service is provided shall be liable for payment for such services.

Question: Once the deed is recorded, are bills corrected to reflect usage to the appropriate user/consumer of water?
  • Answer: We are ensuring that we go by signature date rather than recorded date to be fair to the old and new owner.

Question: If someone finds that the recorded date was used and not the signature date, what should they do?


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