Cleveland's Proposed Housing Regulations Overhaul

By Jamie McMillen posted 10-27-2023 02:27:18 PM


In September 2023, the administration of Mayor Justin Bibb (Cleveland) introduced its "Residents First" package, which overhauls much of the City’s housing code. Mayor Bibb and his team have referenced the need to hold absent landlords accountable for their property(s) maintenance. 

After reviewing the ordinance, 1039-2023, the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS (ACAR) requested support from the National Association of REALTORS and Ohio REALTORS on several fronts.

First, a legal analysis of Ordinance 1039-2023 has been requested and approved. Findings from this report will complement the association’s public policy positions.

Next, ACAR is working on public education efforts and will continue to monitor the progress of the ordinance. The association is also in regular communication with members of the City Council. ACAR is also meeting with representatives of the City’s Administration to share concerns. 

A few highlights from Ordinance 1039-2023 are listed below.  

  • Local Agent in Charge – a local ‘agent’ must be identified. This person would be equally responsible as the actual property owner.
  • Unnecessary complexity and increased costs to the rental registration process – New layers of approval and requirements are proposed.
  • Point of Sale Inspections with minimum escrow amount required  
  • Vacant Building Registration and required bonds, inspections, fees
  • Expansion of the City’s Property Disclosure Form