ACAR Talks POS with University Heights Mayor

By Kelli Moss posted 07-02-2020 10:05:02 AM


On July 1, 2020, ACAR representatives met with University Heights Mayor Michael Brennan to discuss the City’s point of sale (POS) policy.  Recently, Brennan issued an executive order stopping interior point of sale inspections

while the public health situation remains influx. The Mayor has indicated this waiver will last presumably through the end of the year.

ACAR Vice President of Government Affairs, Jamie McMillen, thanked the mayor for his action on the interior inspection policy and noted ACAR’s position supporting systematic exterior only inspections of all properties in a jurisdiction, not just those for sale or rent. She also shared a brief overview of 2 studies looking at the potential impact of point of sale policies on the local real estate market. During the conversation, ACAR members Amanda Pohlman and Seth Task shared challenges buyers or sellers may encounter when navigating the layers of the University Heights POS policy.  Challenges often include, but are not limited to, timing/delays with re-inspections, escrow amounts and financing, a diminished pool of potential buyers, and cosmetic items on the checklist.

Mayor Brennan noted his administration inherited the system in place, but he shared concerns regarding the elimination of any component to the City’s policy. Primary among his concerns seemed to be ensuring housing stock is maintained, and that the health and safety of the public is secure given the typical lot size.

 The mayor also shared information about the recently implemented Exterior Maintenance Inspection Program whereby city inspectors do exterior inspections to identify code violations on all properties.  The program helps ensure compliance with the City’s Appearance Code.

Pohlman called the meeting, “… a good discussion with well-thought-out dialogue and active listening by everyone.  I believe that the mayor has every intention to research and understand how the point-of-sale can negatively impact housing prices, the availability of loans, and challenging timing issues for closing properties…”

She added, “I just bought a property in University Heights last week and appreciate that the process was easier during COVID due to eliminating the need for interior inspections and escrow holds that could otherwise have held up a closing that happened in 18 days.”

Although no consensus was reached during the meeting, both parties acknowledged a willingness to revisit the topic in the future.

Sharing personal stories such as Ms. Pohlman’s is key to ACAR’s advocacy efforts. If you have a story to share about a transaction in University Heights, or any other city, please submit here.