FRAUD ALERT - Doctors from Dubai Phishing for Funds

By Kelli Moss posted 08-30-2021 01:52:16 PM

Fraud Alert: Doctors From Dubai Phishing for Funds
An ACAR Broker has reported a credible fraud attempt. Agents & brokers of middle eastern descent seem to be the target.The situation includes two men claiming to be doctors currently residing in Dubai but planning to move to Ohio. Beyond wasting the agent’s time on a sham real estate request, they reported that one of them was stuck in an airport and their funds were frozen and they needed money wired to help them out.The broker who alerted ACAR indicted he has been contacted three times.

Texts received are below:
  • Hello, when you are available, please call me. We are from Florida. We've been in Dubai for 7 months and on our way back to the states.
  • We are relocating to your area and in need of two residential properties4000+ sq. ft. each 4+ bedrooms 4+ bathrooms.
  • No more than thirty minutes drive from the city centers. Up to 3.5 mill for each properties. My colleague is in a different part of the middle east and he should be on his way to the u s as of tomorrow. where he will act on my and his behalf to put the offers. We are cash buyers and upon the arrival of XXXXX he will obtain a letter from the bank stating availability of funds. Please try to send me some listings to my email.Be alert, verify identities and watch for red flags when dealing with online customers.