Lockbox Lowdown – The Who, What, Where, When and Why

By Kelli Moss posted 28 days ago


Who Makes Them?

Though non-digital lockboxes can come from a variety of manufacturers, the digital boxes preferred by most agents only hail from two companies. Supra and Sentrilock have taken the digital market by storm and offer a variety of digital, keyless and cutting-edge lockbox options.

The Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors® is proud to offer its members Supra boxes for their real estate showing needs.

What Is Their Origin?

Since they were invented in 1955, lockboxes have come a long way. The first box was invented by Delbert Williams who would go on to found Supra – the brand of boxes still used by ACAR agents today!

This first box eliminated the need for agents to search for a house key to show their listings. This made showings more convenient for agents and buyers, safer for homeowners and    made the process of showing listings more secure.

Over the years, consumers have demanded even more security than a simple lock and key lockbox could provide. Supra has evolved to meet these requests with the introduction of the first electronic “key” in 1990, the iBox in 2002 and the use of Bluetooth® technology in 2010.

Where Are They Now?

Currently, ACAR agents have a choice when it comes to securing their client’s home. With six different options available in the Realtor® Essentials Store, agents can choose a manual 3- or 4-digit combination box, a branded box, and two electronic Supra models.

Stop by the Realtor® Essentials Store to see the boxes for yourself and pick the option that works best for you!

When Will They Evolve Again?

As keyless lockbox options flood the market, it seems clear that our digital society is leaving no industry untouched. As safer, more convenient solutions are discovered, it only seems fitting that Realtors® will follow those advancements to ensure the best experience for their clients and collogues.

According to the Nation Association of Realtors® (NAR), the current state of the industry is still heavily dependent on physical lockboxes in addition to any digital home safety measures that sellers have. This is because digital security systems or “smart locks” can be cumbersome for others to operate.

Currently, there are over 25 companies offering 45 + home security options with each requiring a separate app or user interface. The lockbox, however, provides a uniform, secure alternative.

For now, it seems that the lockbox will continue to evolve, but it’s ease of use and uniformity will keep it in the real estate game for years to come.

Why Does Lockbox Placement Matter?

Now that we know lockboxes are here to stay, where is the best place to put them? Opinions in the Realtor® community differ, but it’s universally advised that agents refrain from placing lockboxes on or near water, gas and electric meters/lines. This is not only due to concern for damaged lockboxes, but also damage to those existing utilities.

Most agents recommend placing the box near the front of the house. Often there will already be a “For Sale” sign in the front yard and online listings meaning that a visible lockbox won’t posit any additional security risks.

Even so, agents also recommend putting the box on the back or side of the home to ensure that it is only visible and accessible to agents and the homeowner.

At the end of the day, lockboxes provide a consistent and secure way for agents to access properties and ensure their showings go smoothly. If you have questions about which lockbox is right for you, please contact our Realtor Essential Store by calling 216-901-0130.