ACAR Chimes in on Accessory Dwelling Unit Conversation

By Kelli Moss posted 03-12-2022 04:24:23 PM


As housing availability and affordability issues continue to dominate conversations among leaders in Northeast Ohio, ACAR is seeing an increase in local governments taking up the issue of whether or not to amend zoning code to allow for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

Last year, ACAR amended its local public policy positions to support zoning policies, like ADUs, as a means to address the inventory shortage and housing affordability challenge that so many face. ADUs are also a great way to way to help people age in place, or supplement their income with a rental property.

One such community considering Accessory Dwelling Units is Copley Township, Summit County. Below is an excerpt of a letter of support ACAR recently submitted to the Board of Trustees.

"On behalf of the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS® (ACAR), thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Proposed Text Amendment to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), Articles 2 through 7, in Copley Township, Ohio.

"REALTORS® support policies, like accessory dwelling units, that encourage housing opportunities, while protecting the quality of life that has made Northeast Ohio a desirable place to live. We know that many families in the Akron area are housing cost-burdened, and we also know that housing inventory is extremely low, especially in Copley Township.

"ACAR subscribes to the notion that adequate, affordable housing should be a right for all regardless of wealth and income. Many families of modest backgrounds do not have the means to rent or purchase single-family detached homes. Thus, ADUs create a simple solution to a housing affordability and availability crisis. Accessory dwelling units provide for increased density, cost-effective development, and reasonable rent. At a time when new construction costs are soaring, adding an ADU to one’s property may be what a homeowner can not only afford but also need to supplement their income, help prepare for retirement, and/or provide a housing option to family members that would like to remain near loved ones.

"The proposed amendments will aid in the Township through increased housing supply, offer more affordable living options, potentially allow residents to age in place/less displacement of senior residents, greater economic investment, population growth, diversity, and much more. The benefits from these proposed changes are potentially tremendous, and we applaud Copley Township leaders for taking up this issue.

"While the Association would ask leaders to reconsider the residency requirement for the homeowner and the cap on unrelated persons living together, ACAR believes the amendments allowing for accessory dwelling units are a good step towards making Copley Township a home for all..."

To learn more about ACAR's public policy positions, click here.