Point of Sale - Tell Us Your Story!

By Kelli Moss posted 09-29-2022 09:49:00 PM


Earlier this month, ACAR launched an online campaign to educate the public about point of sale inspections. These inspections are one of the worst policies a city can pass if they are serious about addressing property maintenance and ensuring their city is one that first time and LMI buyers can consider when going through the home buying process.

Ads are running in 6 communities with a focus on stopping this barrier to homeownership. After just two weeks, we are seeing the following:

  • Cleveland Heights - more than 18,000 impressions
  • East Cleveland - more than 18,000 impressions
  • Newburgh Heights - nearly 19,000 impressions
  • Shaker Heights - nearly 19,000 impressions
  • University Heights - more than 3,200 impressions
  • Warrensville Heights - more than 2,500 impressions

These ads complement an editorial running in the October issue of Cleveland Magazine and November issue of Akron Life. ACAR members and members of the public shared their personal stories about how point of sale inspections delayed or prevented one from purchasing a home.

Have a story to share? We would love to hear from you! Tell us your story.