Portage County Home and Business Owners

By Kelli Moss posted 09-29-2022 01:13:47 PM


According to Portage County Treasurer Brad Cromes, low-interest loans are available for Portage County homeowners, family farms, and small businesses.

"Across Portage County, residents have put off needed home repairs, farmers have delayed planting, and small business owners have stalled expansions for a simple reason – it costs too much to borrow the funds needed to complete a project.

"Our office can help. Through Portage GrowLink, property owners can get loans at up to 3% below the rate a bank would normally offer. It’s a great tool for folks in our community to get home projects off the “to do” list, grow and create jobs – all of which help Portage County thrive..."

Portage GrowLink Brochure
Portage GrowLink Program Parameters