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FHA Fund Reaches 2 Percent

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On Nov. 16, 2015, FHA released its Annual Report to Congress and the FY 2015 Independent Actuarial Assessment of the FHA Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. The review shows that the capital reserve ratio has reached

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A lucky Ohio REALTOR will win a $2,000 ‘choose your own adventure’ package!


Would you enjoy a cruise through the Caribbean islands? Perhaps a long weekend of shopping, shows and dining in New York City? Or is a white sandy beach and the relaxing sound of the surf

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How to Find a Service Provider


While the REALTOR is at the center of the real estate transaction, consumers and agents must work with many other professionals in the industry as well. You'll want to make sure everything is done right!

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What You Can and Can’t Deduct When You Work From Home

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By: Donna Fuscaldo

Working from home can offer many advantages including tax deductions. Just take care what you try to write off for your home office on your return.

Passing the IRS litmus test

To meet IRS

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