Issues & Legislation

Advocating for You: ACAR Reps meeting with Akron Officials

ACAR Reps are meeting with Akron Officials regarding proposed Commercial/Industrial Vacant Building Registration Program. If passed, the ordinance would impose a $400 annual fee, along with other requirements including but not limited to disclosure requirements, to owners of a vacant commercial or industrial buildings in the city. ACAR is reviewing the potential liability to agents.

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Area Officials Recognize Fair Housing Month

The sale and purchase of a home is one of the most significant events that any person will experience in his or her lifetime. It is more than the simple purchase of housing. It includes

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Advocating for You: ACAR Represented at Twinsburg Council Meeting

On March 27, 2018, ACAR’s Vice President of Government Affairs was invited to attend the Twinsburg City Council meeting to speak regarding Fair Housing.

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Advocating for You: Garfield Heights Halts Interior POS

Recently, several members of ACAR’s Legislative Committee, along with ACAR’s Vice President of Government Affairs, attended the Garfield Heights City Council meeting. The Council agenda included Resolution No. 05-2018 Amended, which addressed the City’s policy on interior point of sale (POS) inspections.

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Garfield Heights Considering POS Ordinance

Consider attending the Garfield Heights City Council meeting this Monday, March 26, 2018. Council is in the process of approving an ordinance that will temporarily suspend the interior portion of the City’s Point of Sale inspection.

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