Foreclosure Information

Typical Foreclosure Timeline

This timeline can play out in less than 180 days. Don’t wait, act immediately, and contact your lender!

First 30 to 90 Days

Missed mortgage payments.

Mortgage company sends owner notice of default & demands payment in full.

30 Days Later

Legal proceedings begin when mortgage company files complaint.

At this point it is very important to call your lender.

28 Days Later

Owner has 28 days from receipt of the complaint to file an answer.

Within 5 to 30 Days

Mortgage company attorney files motion for default judgement if no answer is made.

Court can render default judgement decision. Attorney files motion for judgement decree in foreclosure.

Court can render judgement decree in foreclosure decision.

Attorney files praecipe for order of sale with the clerk of courts.

Within 3 Days

Clerk delivers praecipe to sheriff.

During the Next 3 Months

An appraisal is ordered and completed.

The sale date is set.

Sale is advertised for 5 weeks.

Important: The owner has right to redeem the property at any point up to the confirmation of sale.

Day of Sale

Sheriff sale will occur.

Within 30 to 60 Days of Sale

Confirmation of sale. (Order of sheriff’s deed gives new owner right to file for writ of possession.)

14 days after confirmation of sale the sheriff’s deed is issued.

New owner files for writ of possession.

Sheriff will give you 10-14 days to move out of your home (this may be extended up to 30 days for hardship).

Remember: Only the sheriff has the right to tell you to move out of your home.

Helpful Resources

United Way First Call for Help Line
Call (216) 436-2000 or dial 211 in the city of Cleveland.