Introduction to Diversity in Faith

When:  Oct 21, 2022 from 09:00:00 AM to 10:00:00 AM (ET)

Faith and religion play important roles in society but what about religious discrimination? 
Are some members of our society marginalized because of their religious beliefs?

Faith can provide meaning and purpose to life while legitimizing values and norms that reinforce social unity and shape the psychological and physical well-being of the group members and society.  During this session, we will examine our biases about different religions and learn skills to overcome our misunderstandings and biases.  Learning about to accept other faiths ensures equitable treatment for all people.  During this class, students will learn about the concepts of faith as it applies to religious diversity while developing skills to mitigate religious bias and advocate for equitable treatment of different groups of religious practitioners. 

Instructor: Vania Sherepita of Diversity Center of NEO. 

1 hour C.E. Requested. 

Class delivered online via Zoom.  Students
 MUST have their devices camera on.