GENDER IDENTITY PRONOUNS: Serving Home Buyers & Sellers

When:  Oct 22, 2021 from 11:00:00 AM to 12:00:00 PM (ET)

Gender Identity & Pronouns: Serving Home Buyers & Sellers

As we continue learning about diversity and its impact on home buyers and sellers, it is also important to consider the communities across the United States have seen an increase in Transgender and Non-binary residents.  Many neighborhoods and communities require additional support and skills for establishing and affirming welcoming neighborhoods for these individuals.  As real estate practitioners, you need to be aware of and learn how to assist Transgender and Non-binary home buyers and sellers  navigate the homebuying experience. This class will teach you the tools and best practices to help you gain a greater understanding of gender inclusion.  This hour-long session focuses specifically on practical knowledge and skills for understanding the diversity of gender identity and expression  Participants will review concepts of sexuality, gender, and pronouns to promote inclusive practices interpersonally and within communities and neighborhoods.  Focusing on gender identity and expression, participants will engage in interactive activities to demonstrate best practices for inclusion for individual and the communities these residents call home. 

Instructed by Jeff Modzelewski with The Diversity Center

1 hour C.E. Approved