Introduction to Privilege - Impact on Inclusion & Equity -- LIVE Online

When:  Dec 7, 2022 from 09:30:00 AM to 10:30:00 AM (ET)

Understanding the concept of Privilege is important so that we can each learn to view world from another person's perspective.  As individuals, we attempt to solve problems and approach challenges utilizing our own understandings of the world.  These understandings, and therefore our approaches, are heavily impacted by who we are and what we've experienced.  With such diverse backgrounds and identities, it stands to reason that we all interact with and within the world a little differently. 

In this class, you will learn about the concept of societal privilege; students will explore the concept of social identity and consider the ways in which most people have a mix of privileged and marginalized identities.  During this workshop, we will discuss how Privilege impacts diverse home buyers and sellers. During this class, students will gain knowledge around what privilege looks like in the United States -- focusing on race, ability, and LGBTQ -- increase awareness of their own privileged and marginalized identities, and identify skills and opportunities to use one's own privilege for the benefit of others. 

Instructed by Jeff Modzelewski;

1 hour C.E. Approved. 

Presented Live Online only; students
 must have their device's camera on.