Fair Housing: Changing Faces in America

When:  Apr 5, 2023 from 01:00:00 PM to 04:15:00 PM (ET)

The "faces of America" are changing and so too are the demographics of the marketplace that real estate licensees work in.  This course discovers and explains the changes now happening in the United States, how and why licensees will need to learn to develop new skills in dealing with people who are "foreign born."  This multi-cultural diversity course will explore some of the many diverse issues of culture, values, beliefs and behaviors that are different from "common" Americans, and how to increase our awareness, our understanding and therefore our tolerance of these differences.  As we make these discoveries, we also become aware of how many of these skills can be applied to also improve our relationships with "common" Americans in our successful practice of real estate.  This has been described as a fascinating and interesting class!  Participants are encouraged to share their experiences in dealing with "foreign born" clients and customers.  Offered hybrid-style -- classroom and Live Online; virtual students required to have device camera on.  

Instructor: Alec Hagerty, ABRM, BPOR, C-CREC, CRB, e-Pro, GHS, Green, M-CNE, SHS, SRS.   

3 hours civil rights approved.

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