INTRODUCTION TO CODED LANGUAGE: Working with Diverse Clients & Customers

When:  Nov 19, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Introduction to Coded Language: Working with Diverse Clients & Customers

Are you using Coded Language?  Language and Communication can be explicit and implicit; it is a component of culture that is coded with meanings, attitudes, beliefs and power dynamics.  For real estate professionals, it is important to understand how your communication style is interpreted by the home buying and selling public.  Coded language is pervasive and has impacts on relational and structural outcomes.  Over time, our language and its meanings become layered and can therefore function in different spaces in different ways and for different purposes.  In other words, meanings of words and their implications change over time. 

In this hour-long introduction to the concept of coded language, participants examine the definition, history and implications of coded language (also called dog-whistles).  Participants will increase their awareness around the coded language that many of us use in our daily lives and gain practical skills around how to critically assess one's own language, and respond when others used coded language.  As real estate professionals, this is important so that you can better assist your buyer and seller clients meet their housing needs. 

Instructed by Jeff Modzelewski. 

1 hour C.E. Approved