CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, and NFTs: Real Money or Play Money?

When:  May 17, 2022 from 09:30:00 AM to 10:30:00 AM (ET)

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CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, NFTs:  Real Money or Play Money?  
Learn what digital money is all about -- is it real?

This class will explore what CryptoCurrency is, the different types of CyrptoCurrency and how CryptoCurrency is being used.  We will also learn about Blockchain  -- what the 'blocks' are and why Blockchain is secure.  Discover who regulates digital money and so much more? 

You will want to learn about this new form money and how CryptoCurrency is being used by consumers and businesses alike. 

Instructed by David V. Croft, Partner, Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis Presented Live Online
Attendees must have their device's camera on. 

1 hour C.E. Approved



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